​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​It all started with a friend's question, "Why are you always dressed?" Cathy's answer, "I shop my closet."  A simple question, followed by a simple answer, and an invitation to "shop" her closet, led to the creation of, edit+style.

edit+style   was founded in 2014 to encourage women and men to stay true to themselves by shopping their closet first when getting ready to start their day. At edit+style, we help you do just that by styling new outfits from your existing wardrobe. Leaving you with a customized Closet Catalog, complete with photographs and written direction on what to wear & when to wear it - leading to maximum closet longevity.

Our clients love it becasue they look great and it saves them TIME - that four letter word that no one has enough of! You do not have to think about what goes with what. We even identify any wardrobe "gaps", in order to create a custom style shopping board with suggestions on ​what to buy and how to wear it.



With edit+style   , it all comes back to what you already own. It's not about how much you have, but rather how you use what's already in your closet. Hence our philosophy of, "Shop your closet first"



             CATHY M. MONTE


​​​​​​​                 ​​​​​​​​​​​

'When I was younger, my gorgeous & fashionable Mother always said (and still does), 'Dress as though you have a purpose to your day!' Our goal is to leave you with that sense & style of 'purpose.
                           - Cathy 

Kristen Garnett
Closet Editor


Meet the edit+style team...

Cathy Monte has been drawn to fashion for as long as she can remember but it's not just about the clothes. She is inspired by how people put items together allowing their individual style to shine. In other words, getting dressed is your artistic creation to the world.   So in 2014 she started, edit+style.    A company where Cathy was able to not only style people but encourage her clients to stay true to themselves by wearing what they already owned. Hence her fashion philosophy, "Your stuff. Your style."​

As much as Cathy loves being a Closet Editor   , her first priority is her family. She married Tim in 2005, and they are raising their two children, Evan and Amelia, in Charlotte, NC.

Cathy prefers patterns over solid colors, making playlists, wearing dresses (a product of growing up in South Florida), photography, and a good cup of coffee.

To ​​​​Kristen Garnett, joining forces in 2016 with Cathy Monte, at edit+style    was like winning the job lottery.

She and Cathy met when they were both placed on the same pharmaceutical sales team 15 years ago.

Kristen has always loved how fluid fashion is - changing with the times and trends, but also with who you are at certain points in your life. It has the power to define you, change your mood and join people together.

Kristen is Mom to Davis and Patrick, and wife to Stanford. A Clemson grad, she has lived and worked in Charlotte for 18 years.

Aside from fashion, Kristen can't live without time in the mountains, music and Barefoot Contessa cook books.