Our Fabulous & Fashionable Clients
edit+style would not exist if it weren't for all of you ~ Thank you!
​xx, Cathy & Kristen

  1. Thanks so much for helping me extend my wardrobe and for your suggestions to round it out! I can't wait to use your ideas this Fall.
    Holly Artist/Mother of 2
  2. WOW, I am speechless! Y'all are on another level! I'm already wearing one of your styled outfits. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! You ladies are sweet, adorable and ridiculously talented!
    Elle Mother of 2 / Committee Chair
  3. Thank you so much for coming into my closet and making my life so much easier! Knowing I don't have to think about what to wear is seriously pure joy! And, getting notifications that you've added something to my style board ... it's like Christmas morning as a kid.
    Karyn "On the Go" Mother of 2
  4. Thank you again! It was so fun coming home to find all my cute outfits ready for my trip. It would have taken me countless hours to pack, and I would not have come up with anything close to that fun! Thanks-
    Shelly Mother of 3 & Television Executive
  5. You are amazing! How the heck does your brain work like this?!!
    Caroline Super Mom to 3 & Girl's Lacrosse Coach
  6. Seeing you guys put my clothes together gave me the confidence to trust my style and it pushed my comfort zone in some places that I am ready to try. I love it and ya'll!
    Jenn, Yoga Extraordinaire / Mother of 2 - Charlotte, NC
  7. My favorite part was how you styled complete outfits with accessories, bags, and shoes from items I already owned! All I have to do now is consult my edit+style Look Book & I am out the door. I will definitely use edit+style again and again!
    Kelly, On-the-Go Mom of 2 - Greenville, SC
  8. I wanted to say thanks! I wore lots of outfits you amazing gals put together for our Spring Break trip to DC and NYC!!!! We walked over 9 miles each day and the layers and comfy but stylish shoes made all the difference in the world. Thank you!!! You make packing a breeze!
    Christa, Speech Therapist/Mother of 2 - Greenville, SC
  9. I am always absolutely amazed by what Cathy and Kristen can do with what I already own! They put together combinations I would never think of and make getting dressed so much fun!! Working with Edit & Style has helped save me so much time getting out the door. Cathy and Kristen are so talented at finding inexpensive and unique things that can take what I already own to the next level saving me from my habit of wasting money on things I don't really need!
    Amy, Mother of 2 / Physical Therapist - Charlotte, NC
  10. I cannot thank you two enough - these outfits are AMAZING and have breathed new life into my wardrobe! I have looked them over multiple times since you sent the Look Book and every time I’m impressed by the level of detail you put into this. Even my husband was really excited and LOVED all of the outfits! 👏🏻